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I have decided to build a new section on this website and it will be dedicated to bible prophecy. I have been a student of bible prophecy since the early 1980’s. Over the course of time I have read many books with different points of view. My own research and study has led me into a belief system that is somewhat different from what was brought out in the left behind series and the belief systems that were established in the 20th century.

Many people seem to tie biblical prophecy to current events while ignoring the overall theme of prophecy. This has led to a lot of error and wrong teaching in the 20th century. Books like 88 reasons why Jesus will return in 1988 and others like it seem to only focus on the rapture of the church and they ignore the truly amazing prophecies that have already come to pass. These books are filled with errors and they are responsible for creating new beliefs that did not exist before the 20th century.

Many people during this time frame (my self included) viewed bible prophecy as a fire escape. We were really more concerned about when we were getting out of here and when the world was going to end. These prophecies served as a whipping post that tied the believer to many denominations that practiced legalism. This fueled the fire escape theology of the 20th century. To be fair, many people were looking for a way of escape more than we were looking at the absolute amazement and beauty of all prophecy as a complete picture. This is why teachings and books about the rapture became very popular. It seemed to be what most people were focused on.

Not only were there grave errors and misinterpretations, people inserted their own personal actions and ministry as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. People tied bible prophecy to current events such as the formation of the European Union. Some people even proclaimed themselves to be prophets. There was even a church in Northern California that claimed to be the man-child found in Revelation chapter 12, but nothing could be further from the truth. I ran into a girl who claimed to be one of the two witnesses in the book of Revelation.

I spent most of the 1990’s breaking free from these various belief systems. I came to understand prophecy as a complete picture declaring the beginning and the end. No longer was biblical prophecy fire escape doctrine. It was replaced with an understanding of a greater God! I quickly discovered that God is greater than I could even imagine. An amazing and awe-struck wonder as to who God really is overtook me as I began to understand the truth in bible prophecy.

There is another problem that I see. Much of the belief system that originated in the 20th century has carried over to the 21st century. In addition to this people started to use bible prophecy for their own personal gain. Many currency pumpers exploited the belief in bible prophecy to acquire investors. The Iraqi dinar was sold under a false notion that the currency was somehow part of a fulfillment of prophecy.

Therefore, for all these reasons I decided to put together a complete biblical prophecy series on this website. I want to address many misconceptions. This is going to take a while. I am writing about what I studied for over 30 years. I will try to present everyone’s point of view along with my own. One reason for this is because people who don’t have much background in bible prophecy will get a brief history on what was taught. We can also use these examples so we can see the right way to interpret prophecy. There is actually a set of rules as to how it is done and the bible outlines all of them. From there you can draw your own conclusions.

I have started this massive project by created a main prophecy page. While you read through it you just click on sub pages and each sub page is a detailed study in and of itself. We start off by explaining the basics. In this section we explain the rules for interpretation. We also discuss 7 key concepts for bible prophecy interpretation. We will also look at something called Hermeneutics. This will outline the proper way to approach scripture. Finally we will outline different belief systems.

After this we will look at prophecies Jesus already fulfilled the first time he came to earth. Part 1 covers his birth and lineage. Part 2 covers his ministry and death. There are well over 300 prophecies that were fulfilled the first time Jesus came to earth. Looking at these prophecies in detail presences an outline as to how future bible prophecy is to be interpreted. Past fulfillment of scripture serves to outline future interpretation! We can use the same approach the apostles used to show how Jesus fulfilled scripture. In many cases we see scripture taken in a very literal sense.

In the “Prophecies Concerning The Nation of Israel series we out line many prophecies that Israel already fulfilled. Once again, we can see a pattern emerge. There are many details in this 4 part series. Many people know and believe that bible prophecy was fulfilled when Israel became a nation again on May 14th, 1948, but there are other fulfillments as well.

The dispersion of Israel into all nations also known as the Diaspora is also a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. These prophecies are found in the Old Testament and were written down well before the main dispersment began. Israel was dispersed starting in 70 AD. The regathering of Israel is also prophesied. There are other prophecies that came to pass when Israel was restored as a nation. Their language, system of money, and their agriculture, were restored as foretold in the Old Testament. In fact, the very order of their locations and how they would regather as a nation are also found in Old Testament scripture.

There is some prophecy left to be fulfilled. But by studying what has already happened we can see a proper way to interpret what is going to happen. These prophecies will be complete in their season. We go into details on a few of these events.

From there we go into the book of Daniel. This is another four-part series and it covers all of the prophecies that are outlined in that book. Many are fulfilled and some will be completed in their season. I got one more study to add to complete this series,

This represents what I have done so far but I got much more to do. I am going to write a series on Revelation. I am going to write about the millennial reign of Christ. I am going to write about the rapture of the church. I am going to assemble a time line. I am going to talk about a few other prophecies that are not normally discussed. So I am about half way done. I am double checking and triple checking 30 years of notes.

So in conclusion, half of this section is up and ready to go. Hopefully the rest will be done soon. Send your feedback and let me know if there is anything I am overlooking.


Follow The Money

Follow The Money

economicsRecently I spoke with my good friend Jerry Robinson about the Iraqi dinar and the Global Currency Reset. For those who don’t know, Jerry runs a Website/Media company called Follow The Money. They offer investment strategies and many of these strategies are available in a lot of area’s of finance. Help maintain debt or learn some of the best ways to invest money.

As this site is designed to explain how economics work, Jerry’s site is designed to take everything a step further. His book called “Bankruptcy of Our Nation” is a fantastic read. This book is very insightful and I highly recommend it. Watch the interview here.

Jerry has a weekly podcast and he interviews many interesting guests. He has even interviewed Ron Paul a few weeks back. I listen to his weekly Podcast and I think you would also enjoy it. You can also listen to past shows too. Here is a link

Follow The Money Podcasts

Ever since I have brought back this website my goal has been to release parts of this newly revised site in sections. Each section has a head page with a main topic and several pages beneath it that are designed to be subtopics.

I just finished another section and it was a lot of work! The main topic of this section is all about Monetary History. In fact, It is even titled Monetary History. This section about monetary history is broken down using several subtopics.

Early Monetary History

This section covers the use of gold and silver as money. It covers when gold and silver began to be used as money and it covers where the early coins came from. It talks about inflation and other problems that ancient civilizations had when they debased their coins. It also talks about the rise of the early banking system.

America’s Monetary History 1

This page covers America’s monetary history from the revolutionary war on up to the civil war.

America’s Monetary History 2

This page covers America’s monetary history from the civil war all the way up to the 2008 melt down. It picks up where America’s monetary history 1 leaves off.

The Global Economy Emerges 1

This page talks about the emerging global economy and the emerging One World Government. it shows the early stages of this emerging New World Order.

The Global Economy Emerges 2

This page picks up where the last page leaves off. It contains a sequence of events that lead up to the global government and its global economy.

A New World Order In Iraq

This page deals with the future of the global government. If you are familiar with biblical prophecy then there are many things that should sound the alarm on this page.

I have also added a comment section to all the pages. Ask a question or leave a comment. Tell me what you think and tell me what you would like to see. speak your mind!

Finished With The Economics Section

I found researching the history of economics to be very interesting and compelling. When you look at numbers economics becomes very boring, but this whole section deals with events a lot more than numbers. The overall story being told will keep you on the edge of your seat as you soon discover that fact is indeed stranger than fiction!

Now I am finally done with the economics section of this website. There is much more information in this section then there has ever been in the past. The information is also better organized so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

New Direction

As always a big thank you to all of those that subscribe and read this site. I appreciate all of those who read and all of those that comment. Your Opinion matters so feel free to express your views on anything you read.

Now I will start working on the biblical views section of this site. The overhaul of this site is still going on but a major portion has been completed. Once all the pages are done I will do blog posts on a regular basis. I have strived to put together the most factual data I can find. I have also strived to arranged this data in a logical way. I will let you know when another section is complete