BVAWE Returns

imagesCA933IB8I have decided to bring back my site “Biblical Views and World Economics” or BVAWE. I closed the site down for a while because I wanted to take a break and I wanted to do a different kind of site regarding economics and bible apologetics. I was not happy with the way the site was structured, but after looking at this the stats on this site I saw that It still had 97 subscribers and it was popular at one point.

It is my opinion that the neglect of the site not only led to lower readership, but it also kept me from watching current events. There is just something about reporting what you witness that makes you pay closer attention. I also wanted a different kind of look and feel, but I was not sure what I wanted.

Taking a break for a while allowed me to focus on my music and other interests. It had the effect of clearing my mind. Some would argue that there is not much to clear up there, but it does get cluttered sometimes. Now I want to bring the site back for good, but I want it to be better than it was before. So I have made it more of a web page with an attached blog. In the past it was just a blog site with a current post and a few pages.

So I divided this site in sections by topic and got rid of the table of contents page. The topic sections are at the top and the sub pages are underneath. This allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for without the need to surf through blog posts.

I will release everything in sections. The first section is already done. It deals with economics and it explains the system we are in. It goes into detail about some of the geo political problems we have with an analysis of what happened in the 2008 meltdown.

The next section I am working on is called Monetary History. This section deals with the history of money and the events relating to it. It talks about the evolution of the American monetary system and it talks about all the conspiracies about money. Our monetary story is actually more interesting than one might think. The political struggles and the way money was used to buy influence is intriguing to many people.

So let me invite you to come back to Biblical Views and World Economics. (BVAWE) take a look around and learn how entertaining it can be to actually learn the truth about money, politics, and history.