Bible Prophecy

Unlocking The Meaning of Biblical Prophecy

“About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies and will insist on their literal interpretation in the mists of much clamour and opposition” -Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727

index4Nowhere is the bible more misrepresented then in the area of biblical prophecy. There are so many wrong ideas and twisting of scripture. There is a certain way that scripture fits together. It is not meant to go together any other way. There is a system that is used to hook everything together. This system is actually outlined in the bible itself. The bible is not subject to personal allegoric views and private interpretations. Yet if you look at books about biblical prophecy, you will find that many of these types of misinterpretations dominate the thinking among Evangelical Christians today.

index1Isaiah said line upon line and precept upon precept. He did not say number upon number as some try to find hidden meaning in the way the verses are numbered. The numbering of scripture was not an original part of the written word and it actually first appeared in the Geneva Bible. This version was translated in 1599 AD. There are many methods used that have nothing to do with how the bible is actually supposed to be interpreted.

Many people look for hidden meaning in scripture because they view all scripture as allegoric. This system of belief is the worst form of misinterpretation out there. I was Amazed to find all the doctrinal differences. To get a basic understanding of biblical prophecy all we really need to do is keep it simple. It is not that complicated. So if you don’t know anything about bible prophecy you are in luck because we are going to start at the very beginning. Click on the basics below to get an outline of how the bible is suppose to be interpenetrated. You will also see an outline of opposing views.

The Basics

According to Barns Commentary there are over 300 hundred prophecies detailing Christ’s first coming. These are found in the Old Testament. To get a better understanding of how future prophecy is to be interpreted we should study some of these prophecies. You may be surprised to find the basic principles for interpretation as outlined in “The Basics” are in operation as we study this. Now Lets look at some of those prophecies in a little more detail.

Prophecies Jesus Christ Already Fulfilled Part 1

Prophecies Jesus Christ Already Fulfilled Part 2

imagesflag (1)Now that we have looked at prophecy that has already been fulfilled and we have learned about proper methods of interpretation, The next step is to look at Israel’s Role in bible prophecy.

Biblical Prophecy and Israel part 1

Biblical Prophecy and Israel part 2

Biblical Prophecy and Israel part 3

Biblical Prophecy and Israel part 4

If you looked through the basics and you read through the prophecies that Jesus already fulfilled then you laid a pretty solid foundation. You started to build on that foundation when you read through the 4 part series about Israel’s role in bible prophecy. The next step is to learn about the prophecies in the book of Daniel. This book will help unlock Revelation for you.

The Book of Daniel Part 1

The Book of Daniel Part 2

The Book of Daniel Part 3

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The Book of Daniel part 4

Revelation part 1

Revelation part 2

Revelation part 3

Revelation part 4

Revelation part 5